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Natural And Magical Healing From The Stone Age To The Present.

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The Mysteries Behind Natural Elixirs.

To Effortlessly Combat Over Common Dog Health Crisis

Little Known Tips to Raise A Healthier and Happier Dog

Discover the Truly Amaing Natural Remedy Your Furry Friend Deserves.


Embrace the extraordinary

Unveil the ancient healing secrets of generations past meets modern science.  Wth over 300 unparalleled hidden natural treasures that  have guided dogs (and humans) for centuries to tackle 29 prevalen dog health crises.


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With a total of 212 pages full color, crafted in modern and visually stunning magazine layout. Enjoy clickable content accompanied by high-quality images, specifically designed for effortless and visually appealing viewing.


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You can avoid heart-racing and wrenching moments before crisis happens. Life is unpredictable, but you can be prepared in powerful and trusted age-old remedies. Prevention is the key to a joyful and vibrant future for your furry family member.


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Prices are surging. Fret not! why going through stressful or facing overwhelming vet bills. These remedies are not only effective but also budget-friendly. Investing in prevention through natural means can be a lifesaver for your wallet in the long run.


Healthier and Happier

Unlock the mysteries of holistic healing. Your dog can enjoy a longer, higher quality of life. Watch them thrive with boundless energy, shining coats, and a cheerful spirit. Give your loyal companion the gift of nature with long-lasting tail-wagging happiness!

So, What’s The Book About?

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" This book is pretty fun to look through. I love how this book gave a lot of details about herbs and history about them. The way it was formatted with all the details were put into this was super impressive. "

Laura C.

" I am always worrying about my dog, what's right? What's wrong? Should he eat this or that? I felt so clueless, but this guide has saved me. There are so many great tips, I feel much more confident as a dog owner now. Thanks. "


" A Big Thumbs Up!I was curious to find out about my dog’s health and I found a lot useful information, about detoxing and exercises that I can do with my dog ( we recently had leg surgery) . We followed and it is awesome! "

Brooke H & Sabal

" I have found this book with ton of well-researched natural stuffs for my dog who is currently suffering from arthritis. It helps! "

Peter Mason

" This was a real eye-opener, I wish I'd have found it years ago, Pawsome guide! No more Glysophate for my pup! Thanks guys. "

Story Behind the Book

my journey as a dog parent extended beyond the typical role...

Once upon a time...

my connection with these furry companions began at a tender age. At just two and a half years old, my late father introduced me to a dog, igniting a love that would shape my life. Although the initial encounter involved a playful nibble on my tiny finger, it only strengthened my bond and sparked a lifelong passion for dogs. 

Throughout the years, dogs have remained an integral part of my life. I have experienced the profound moments of happiness they bring, as well as the heart-wrenching moments that arise from their vulnerability and fragility.

I found myself in a situation similar to yours, caught in the depths of despair, grappling with heartbreak, and believing that it was the end of everything. Having experienced heart-wrenching moments and witnessing firsthand that numerous dog owners who were facing circumstances akin to my own, I felt compelled to write this book.

Its central theme revolves around the idea that while saving a single dog may not alter the entire world, it undoubtedly transforms the world forever for that particular dog. By wholeheartedly committing to the cause, dogs can thrive and embrace a vibrant, healthier, and happier existence.

Pamela Chao