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Frequent asked Questions

To purchase a digital download PDF book or an eFlip book, visit the online product detail page, select your desired format package, and follow the steps to complete the purchase.

A digital download PDF book is a file that you download and store on your device, while an eFlip book is an interactive online book that you can view without any software installation. eFlip come with one-year access.

Yes, eFlip books can be viewed online without the need for any software installation. They are accessible through your web browser.

One-year access typically allows you to view the eFlip book on any device with internet access during that period.

Yes, eFlip books often come with regular updates to ensure you have access to the latest content and improvements throughout your one-year access period.

Yes, you can download and save a digital download PDF book to your device for offline reading.

The free tips are usually provided in JPG or PDF formats and can be instant downloaded along with your purchase.

Digital download PDF books and eFlip books have limited restrictions on sharing. It is a way to protect copyrights for digital media.

If you encounter technical problems, please contact us Here to assist you in resolving any issues with accessing or viewing your eFlip book.